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World Timber Corp. Inc.


World Timber Corporation,  direct importer of wholesale exotic lumber. Supplying a large selection of quality species from all over the world. We cater to both small and large exotic wood buyers. Our company mixes species and quantities on all orders. A supplier who understands how to meet your needs while maintaining wholesale pricing. Not having to purchase the entire skid of one species allows our customers the ease of purchasing the lumber they really need.


Direct Wholesale Importer of Exotic Timber

AfromosiaAfromosiaGranadilloGranadilloEnglish Brown Oak
AfzaleaAfzaleia HollyHollyAfrican Padauk African Padauk
AniegreAniegre HormigoPalm
AshAsh (Swamp Ash)ImbuyaPau AmarilloPau Amarillo
AvodireIroko (African Teak)Iroko (African Teak)Pau RosaPau Rosa
Beech (European Steamed)JatobaJatobaPearwoodPearwood
BlackwoodBrazilian Kingwood Brazilian Kingwood PurpleheartPurpleheart
BloodwoodBloodwoodLacewood (Silky Oak) Rambutan
BocoteBocoteLeopardwoodLeopardwoodEast Indian Rosewood East Indian Rosewood
BubingaBubingaLimbaRosewood Honduras Rosewood Honduras
Cabriuva (Santos Mahogany)Cabriuva (Santos Mahogany)Macacauba (Amazon Rosewood)Macacauba (Amazon Rosewood)Sapele Sapele
CanarywoodCanarywoodMachiche Machiche  Shedua
KataloxCatalox African MahoganyAfrican MahoganyTeak BurmaTeak Burma
 Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar

Genuine Mahogany Genuine Mahogany Brazilian Tulipwood Brazilian Tulipwood


Makore Makore Tzalam (Carribean Walnut)Tzalam (Carribean Walnut)


Ambrosia MapleAmbrosia Maple WalnutWalnut (West Coast)
 Che Chen

Che Chen

 Birdseye Maple Black Walnut


Curly Maple Curly Maple Ipe (Brazilian Walnut)
Cumaru (Brazilian Chestnut)Quilted MapleQuilted MaplePeruvian Walnut  Nogal Peruvian Walnut  Nogal
Cypress (Australian)Marblewood Marblewood WengeWenge
African Ebony (Gaboon)African Ebony (Gaboon)Mora Mora Zebrawood Zebrawood
Macassar EbonyMacassar EbonyMoradoMoradoZiricote


Goncalo Alves Goncalo Alves  Narra Narra   

PO Box 219, 578 Hubert Blvd. Hubert, NC 28539

Phone: 910-326-6252 Fax: 910-326-6827



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